saving MOney


Remember the key to wealth 'Spend less than you earn" part of that is reducing your expenses, and not wasting money. This section is all about some quick wins to do that. 

Tracking your Expenses

Part of starting with where you are right now is tracking what your income and expenses.

Tracking helps you to see where you are leaking money without realising, it will help you see if you really are sticking to the budget you have made, pay your debts off, and reach your financial goals more quickly.

I have looked at various apps and websites to find something to help to do that, some are based upon manually entering information onto a spreadsheet and some link with your bank account.  I have researched and tried a few and  have finally found one that I really love. The EMMA Money Management App.

It's very simple to set up and very simple to follow in my view and doesn't require me inputting anything. There is a FREE version and a paid version. The FREE version is absolutely fine, but I have gone for the PRO version at £4.99 a month. 

Here is a referral link if you would like to try it. For transparency I will make a small commission if you choose to use this link.

Checking Your Bills

What are you already spending money on that you could reduce? 

Utilities -  water, gas, electric, broadband, mobile. 

There are many switching sites around that you can use to find the best deal, but remember they may not have all the options available as companies pay to be on those sites. I recently used a a service called "look after my bills". 

In a nutshell you sign up to them at no cost and then they switch you each year onto the cheapest tariff according to your requirements. My requirements were renewable energy and no smart meter, I got moved onto Green Energy with a projected saving of £200 this year. They also have a refer a friend scheme in process, if you refer someone and then join they give both you and them £20 each into your account. 

Not bad. I switched a few weeks ago and so far so good. If you would like to give it a try here is my  link so we can both benefit from the £20.


TV - there are literally so many channels and packages available SKY, BBC, Netflix etc etc - how many do you have? 

As yourself;

Do you want to spend that much time watching TV? I remember a show when I was a kid that was on in the summer holidays called WHY DON'T YOU? ,and the premise was all about switching off the TV and doing something less boring instead.

Review what you currently have, and see if you really need/want all of it, you could get rid of some and keep just one? 

I until recently had Netflix and BBC, but have not got rid of those in favour of amazon prime as I have been given that free with another service I use.